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Assuming no login requirement has been configured, when you first access a new install you will be asked to upload a document; bulk docs via upload may be possible at some point but you would normally start with an individual example while you configure your search patterns and displacement actions, and the UI is focused on that process.
Having uploaded a document the system will process it and show a rendered version in the lefthand pane. The next step is to run some search actions, and you can access these using the popout widget (accessed by pressing the teal "3 line" button on the right) known as Document searchers.
If you know that none of the currently available searchers will find the terms or patterns you want to manipulate, whether or not you#ve already processed some others, you can build a new searcher either by using the "Add new searcher" button above the original document view, or choose to start with some text from the document by selecting it and then using "Define searcher".
To apply searchers to the document you use the Document searchers widget to add the desired search expressions by pressing the "+" button in the top right corner. This will return a list of all the available searchers, including any you've just added. Once you've added searchers to the list you can define the "replace" (overwrite) or "displace" (augment, currently only with tags) action. You can add multiple searchers with their own unique actions.
When you've finished adding searchers, or you want to see the outcome of those you've defined so far, press the "Run filters" button at the bottom of the Document searchers widget. This will run all the defined searches and actions; if you want to access a visual indicator of what's happened, toggle the highlight differences switch at the top of the Process document content. if you want to quickly check whether the right patterns were being matched without actioning and replace/displace actions, you can run the just the Searchers by pressing Run search, and then see the actions as well by pressing Run S&D.
When the document is processed to your satisfaction, you can export it by pressing Download document (this will at some point provide options for the output format)